Moderately Fast Flying Spacecraft

by Herr Enki

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This album tells the tale of a young man who gets together with a girl he met online for some sexy time. They end up partying, shit gets weird, shit gets awesome, and then they go to space!


released December 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Herr Enki Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Man it gets really cold out here on the street
I'm not homeless but I got kicked out and I got nothin to eat
Gotta get a little bottle just to stay warm
But for me that's just as bad as a needle in my arm
But still I can't stop, that's why I'm here in the first place
That's why I'm not eating at home with my birth race
My family kicked me out cause I can't stop drinkin
Looks like I got plenty of time and it's time for some thinkin

Stinkin like a fucking bum ass wino
Maybe I should clean up my act but what the fuck do I know
My main concern is returning to get turnt
wake up in the hot sun and my skin is all burnt
You'd think maybe I'd learn myself a little lesson
instead I'm outside your window lookin at you get undressed and
I just want to come inside babe
crawl into your bed and go for a little ride, hey
Track Name: Life On Earth
Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy
Wondering why the hell anyone would want to fuck with me
Not feeling too hot so I grab some coffee and some pot
Look for the rest of the pint,
roll myself a spliff and head to the spot

I wonder what kind of shit I can get into today
I wonder if I can get myself a BJ
Okay here we go, gotta find myself a nice lil hoe
Pull out my phone and open tinder
what kind of message should I send her

Open my inbox and what do I see
All of these pretty hippy girls love me
I really don't know why G
They just wanna bang and fry YEEEE

It's been a while but I figure what the hell
go over to her place and she can ring my bell
I can't tell you how excited I am
to feel the warmth of your hand in mine as we explore our minds
and let out bodies intertwine and become one
you know that it's going to be so much fun
oh hun are you ready to run into the sun
and realize that we are everyone

I just hope things don't get weird before it's even begun

God damnit, too late

Oh wait, never mind, this is awesome


I'm caught in a loop


I can't get out
I'm stuck in my mind while I'm frying
caught in a loop, now I'm crying
all the times I fucked up and looked dumb,
told a lie, hurt a friend, or lost a love

it won't stop even if I close my eyes
I'm hypnotyzed
my brain electrified
and I just want it to be over
I just wanna be sober
find a friend and cry on their shoulder

But it's ok, only a few more hours to go
I look at the clock and low and behold
it's only been thirty minutes
I can't belive what I'm seeing
forget about all of these colors that I'm breathing

defies all reason

time is going way too fuckin slow
I look at my hands and my fingers they start to grow
I look around the room and it looks back like it knows
Than I see your face baby and I remember that I was never alone